Versace: Spring 2014 RTW

Milan is known for its high fashion and prestigious designer brands like Versace who took to the runway this week. Versace is one of those brands that to see one of their collections you could easily spot a mile off that it was a Versace collection with its trademark and typical styles. There was quite a harsh look in the collection especially for Spring with studded detail and black being a prominent color in the collection. However the collection did light up a bit with multi-coloured print and light shades of lilac, blue and yellow to bring out the spring in the collection. Overall quite a different collection compared to many I have seen for next season but still on top form for Versace. Below are some pieces from the collection. What do you think of this collection? The rest of the collection can be viewed at

Versace 1 Versace 2 Versace 3 Versace 4Credit to for images.


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